Please note that bats receive legal protection from disturbance and harm and it is necessary to hold a survey licence from the relevant Statutory Nature Conservation Body to survey for bats in rock where this involves accessing rock features containing bats and using torches/endoscopes.

This is the smallest database inasmuch as there is only one record on it… But hey; before this there was nothing!

As with the Subterranean Rock Database, the Loose Rock Database will differ from the Rock Face database in that all we are including are positive records; i.e. when you find a bat you record the PRF / Situation. As a result, we have simplified the submission of records into simply scanning or photographing the recording form and emailing it to the project; we will then enter all the values.

Please click the link below to view the Loose Rock Database to date: February 2021.

BRHK – Loose Rock Database – 02-02-21

To submit a record, complete either the recording form (link below) or the Excel spreadsheet (link below) and email them with photos of the feature and the bat(s) to

BRHK – Loose Rock recording form

BRHK – Loose Rock spreadsheet template